Pick & Place machine​ Pick and Place is to take the work piece in – out. Arrange in different positions such as in boxes, picking from conveyor belts, palletizing. The machine is a structure that is strong throughout the movement. Suitable for moving heavy objects Can be used for loading workpieces into machines (Machine Loading), Storing workpieces (Stacking) or used in assembly work, etc.

Basketing Machine

1.Basketing machine speed150 Bottles / Min.
2.ProductionBasket for glass 250 ml./ 5 Layer / 250 BPL / 1,250 Bottles
3.Basketing machine dimensionsW2,400 x L4,750 mm.
4.Power supply MCC3 Phase, 380Vac, 50Hz
5.Total consumptions380 VAC, 4.44kW, 8.41Amp
6.Air pressure6-7 kg/cm2
7.Machine weight2.5 TON

Tray Former Machine

1.Tray Former machine speed18-20 Trays/ Min.
2.Productionสําหรับแผ่นถาดกระดาษลูกฟูก W 10 5/8″ x L 15 7/8″ x H 2 1/16″
3.Tray Former machine dimensionsD900 x W1,600 x H1,700 mm.
4.Power supply MCC3 Phase 380V 50Hz
5.Total consumptions12Amp, 380 Vac, 50Hz
6.Air pressure6-7 kg/cm2
7.Machine weight375 kg.

Oil Filter Submergence Leak Tester Ver1-2

Version 2

Version 1

1.Machine nameOil Filter Submergence Leak Tester
2.MaterialAL PROFILE, SUS304, AL5083
Leak taster capacity
Max. 4 stages
200-300 pcs./hr.
4.Leak taster belt speed15-20 m. / Min.
5.Leak taster width820 mm.
Leak taster height
1650±50 mm.
7.Leak taster length1350 mm.
8.Power supply1Phase, 220VAC, 50Hz
9.Total consumptions400 W
10.Motor belt 1 EAHASCON IP55, 0.37kW, 220VAC 1Phase, 2.81A, 16uF 450V, 75uF 250V, 1,380RPM
11.Gear ratio1:40
12.Pneumatic supply air pressure6-7 kg/cm2
13.Test pressure4-5 kg/cm2
14.Test FilterSpin on type Dia.65-100 mm., 200 mm.
15.Machine weight300 Kg.
16.ControlPLC Mitsubishi FX3G-40MR/DS coil 24VDC, input PNP: output NPN

Conveyor system ​Conveyor System is a transport system consisting of a machine that can move material from one place to another, designed for a wide range of products such as food or other lightweight goods. In a variety of formats Both automated systems are suitable for lengthy LINE or for inter-process connections. To reduce production costs The conveyor system is like the central nervous system for your operations.

1. Machine name Conveyor for bottle D-Pallete go to labeling machine line # 2 set 1
1. Material SUS304
2. Production Bottle 4 & 7 Oz.
3. Conveyor Top chain K325 , Curve90’R500 , Curve45’R500 , Mini turn disc
4. Electrical control Motor drive + Inverter 380Vac
5. Sensor photo Start-stop D-Pallete 5sec / 30sec & N-trig delay 3sec for start D-Pallete

shrink wrap machine It is used for baking the film and cutting the film according to the size that fits the product. Let the shrink film stick to the product. The shrink wrap dryer looks like a tunnel where the workpieces are placed. Keep the work piece on the belt of the shrink wrap dryer.When the workpiece runs through a tunnel that is heated inside, the film will shrink next to the product. Shrink wrappers or shrink packers help products to be protected during shipping or point-of-sale distribution. Help the product packaging look beautiful or use the film to wrap the product label. Can bake bottle cap film
** We sell only second hand machines. **

** We sell only second hand machines. **